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The Dungeon Artificer- West Coast

Your local handy-dandy bondage girl

21 April
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I'm a 23 year old student working full time, trying to fit school in as much as I can and marketing bondage furniture. I have a blast doing so, and am trying to get more into the scene around the bay area/ greater California. I'm a geek, I'm a dork, I'm a kinkster. If you are too, join me!
adult, aerosmith, alanna, alternative lifestyle, annie lennox, bdsm, beatles, biting, blindfolds, blowjobs, bob marley, body modification, bondage, bondage furniture, bottom, chains, clamps, clothespins, collars, community, consent play, control, corsets, crops, cuffs, cunnilingus, d&s, d/s, daft punk, dildos, discipline, disturbed, dominance, dominant, dominant masochists, dominants, domination, dresden files, dropkick murphy's, dungeons, edge play, establishing contracts, exhibitionism, exploring personas, fantasy, fellatio, fetish, fetishes, fetlife, fisting, floggers, flogging, flogging molly, gags, game of thrones, geeky, gender play, great sex, groping, handcuffs, headspace, heavy play, humiliation, journey, kink, kneeling, knife play, knitting, leashes, leather, lifestyle, limits, lingerie, love, lust, marilyn manson, masochism, masters, mind games, mistresses, mists of avalon, needles, negotiation, nin, no doubt, obedience, oral sex, orgasm control, orgasm denial, orgasms, paddles, pagan, pain, petting, piercing, play party etiquette, pleasure, poly, power exchange, public play, punishment, resistance, restraints, riding crops, role play, rope bondage, ropes, s&m, s/m, sadism, sado-masochism, safe sex, safewords, scenes, sensory deprivation, sensuality, serving, sex, slappers, slave, slave/master, slaves, spanking, submission, submissive, submissive sadists, submissives, submitting, subspace, surrender, switches, switching, teasing, the citadel, the scene, third eye blind, tickling, tom petty, top, touching, toys, trickster's queen, tricksters choice, tru blood, u2, whipping, whips, wild mage, worship